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Beautiful handmade dolls created with little people in mind. Being able to represent your childs individuality in the creation of their doll and creating a doll that's 'just like them' that they'll love, cuddle, tell their secrets too and most of all have lots of fun through play is very special to me.  You are able to choose your doll's : Skin Tone, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Hair Style, Fringe Style, if you'd like Freckles and Fabric for the doll's clothing.  Their clothing can be made in many cute fabrics and if you wish you can even add medical modifications to your doll like Glasses, Cochlear Implants, Hearing Aids, Mic Key Buttons, NG Tube, Picc Lines, Birth Marks, Shortened Limbs, No Hair and Operation Scars.  It's always comforting when you have a friend to hug when you're feeling a little bit scared that's why my Medical Dolls are perfect for Dr and Hospital visits.  My dolls make a gorgeous keepsake for your children to treasure and love forever.  Please feel free to check out my ready to send DOLLS that I have available to send now or order a custom made doll from the 2 options listed below.   CONTACT US if you have any questions or would like to order a custom made doll with medical modifications for 2024!